Let me preface this post by saying this recipe is NOT meant to be made in a microwave. Gone are the days of instant ramen noodles, put down that styrofoam cup Linda! The ramen dishes you hear about today are beautifully crafted noodle bowls, filled to the brim with all the veggies and flavours of the world. As always, I've taken this trendy dish and put my FoodByMaria vegan stamp on it and let me tell you it's absolutely fabulous. It has all the components of traditional ramen; broth, toppings, and ramen noodles, but each component is prepared vegan style with no compromise on flavour.
It's that time of year again when one sunny day gets everyone thinking about Spring. Unfortunately for us up in Canada we have a few months left of chilly snow-filled days. It was on one of those -20 days that inspired me to create a new soup recipe. I'm a huge fan of soups, all year round, and have made almost every kind out there. I stumbled on a traditional Italian Zuppa Toscana on Pinterest and decided to try out my own vegan version. Let me tell you, this soup is warm, hearty, and super easy to make. All you need is one pot, about 30-40 minutes and your dancing shoes (just kidding you don't need shoes to dance)!
When I travelled to Thailand I was always in awe of how the locals could mix simple fresh ingredients all in one pot and  produce the most aromatic, flavourful dishes. With this super easy one pot Coconut Curry Noodle bowl I did my best to capture just a sliver of the authentic bowls I had on my travels. All I have to do is close my eyes while I eat this in the dead of winter and I am instantly transported back to hot days and tropical beaches.
Nothing beats a nice, creamy bowl of soup in the fall/winter. I love how many different ways you can make soup, and all the different vegetables that can be thrown into the mix to make new, delicious flavours. This plant-based cauliflower soup is one of my favourites. It's super easy to make, plus it tastes great, and warms my soul.
This vegan soup is going to seriously blow your mind and your insides will thank you. Why? Because it is made with ashwagandha. I know what you're thinking, what on earth is ashwagandha? Well let me tell you... Ashwagandha Herbal Blends by NatureWise are my deep dark secret. Just kidding, it's not really a secret. However, so many people don't know about ashwagandha and I find that so unfortunate because it has so many benefits. First off, it's renowned for being able to reduce the damaging effects of stress on the mind and body, which is fantastic for all of us that sometimes can't catch a breath on those busy weeks/days. NatureWise's product is made with proven vegan ashwagandha extract with select botanicals to deliver targeted support for different areas you may need help with like stress, endurance, libido, brain health, etc.
Who doesn't love a hearty bowl of stew? Especially in the cold winter months. Stew is definitely the ultimate comfort food and it can be so easy and tasty to make. This recipe I made with Bob's Red Mill mixed bean soup mix. This soup mix makes this meal even easier to make! It has 13 different kinds of beans in it which means it's packed with protein (12g per serving) and with beans comes fiber, plus your daily value of iron! What I love the most about using this mix is that it's easy but you can also allow for culinary creativity, and the ability to add your own magic to the recipe with spices.
creampotato-soup Introducing this beautiful Healthy Winter Warming Soup! So easy to make, delicious to eat, and perfect for those cold, cold nights ahead of us! Please do not let the beautiful garnish on this soup deceive you. The Soup is plant based, sugar, dairy, and gluten free soup is much easier, and less fancy than it looks! All you need are your ingredients, a pot, and a good ass blender to whip this bad boy up! Healthy Winter Warming Soup is perfect for Sunday Dinner, or a nice Lunch! Hell, who am I kidding, this soup is good ALL-THE-TIME!
potatosoup5 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone! It is a bit of a chilly one today ain't it? Hence why I found it extremely appropriate to make this beautiful Healthy Potato Soup (not to mention after an evening with family, and friends over eating delicious foods!).  This soup is perfect for uplifting your soul, helps you get in your vitamins and get us all in the swing of this fall-winter we are currently experiencing! This plant based, dairy and sugar free soup was made in 30 minutes; you would never know though! It tastes like it was simmering away for hours with all its amazing aromas and gorgeous fragrance from the fresh dill.
IMG_8180 This one goes out to all my le homies who don't ever have time, but find time to feed yourself good nutritious foods.  We all know how hard it is to make time, when we don't have it...
IMG_7629 Perfect for a rainy day, when you'd rather snuggle up in your blanket, with a tea and heat pad and enjoy a good old episode of Friends on Netflix. This recipe is honestly simple, healthy, and good food for your heart.