Plant-based flavourful infused pizza dough.... you can't go wrong! This pizza recipe is pretty simple to make, everything is homemade, and you'll feel the freshness in the flavours. It's the perfect go-to when you're busy, want a Friday night pizza night, or need something that your kids will eat up.
The other day I wrote an article about my morning routine and how I feel that getting up at 5am, combined with my plant-based diet has made me so productive, healthier, and improved my overall way of life. I had so many of you reach out to me with questions and wanting more information about what my morning routine actually looks like so I thought I'd write this to provide you with some more info so you can get your mornings in check!
If you're like me, your life, especially in the summer is chaos. I feel like I'm non-stop and constantly on-the-go. Eating a healthy plant-based diet is always a priority of mine but sometimes you just don't have hours to spend in the kitchen and sit down to eat dinner or lunch. That's why I live for simple recipes like this couscous salad that allow me to get the nutrients I need to fuel me throughout my day, but also isn't going to take an arm and a leg to make on a busy day. Plus, it keeps great in the fridge for meal prep!
I know it's not a topic a lot of us, or any of us, really talk about but why not? It's important and we all do it. So lets talk about our bowel movements because they are critical to our health. This post we are going to dive deep into our digestion and bowel movements, and what we can do and eat that is plant-based to improve our digestion. The facts First off, lets get real with the facts. SOOOOO many people have issues with their digestion and bowel movements. In fact 25-45 million people in the United States alone suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and 63 million people have issues passing stool and are constipated. That's not to mention all the other issues that come with poor digestion like acid reflux.
This vegan soup is going to seriously blow your mind and your insides will thank you. Why? Because it is made with ashwagandha. I know what you're thinking, what on earth is ashwagandha? Well let me tell you... Ashwagandha Herbal Blends by NatureWise are my deep dark secret. Just kidding, it's not really a secret. However, so many people don't know about ashwagandha and I find that so unfortunate because it has so many benefits. First off, it's renowned for being able to reduce the damaging effects of stress on the mind and body, which is fantastic for all of us that sometimes can't catch a breath on those busy weeks/days. NatureWise's product is made with proven vegan ashwagandha extract with select botanicals to deliver targeted support for different areas you may need help with like stress, endurance, libido, brain health, etc.
This is the perfect post gym vegan recipe that'll leave you full and satisfied! I promise. Recently I discovered Bob's Red Mill's grits and I'm kinda obsessed. It is made with coarsely ground bits of white corn, is healthy and super easy to cook. What I love about it is that it's something cool and different for consuming and enjoying carbs. I noticed grits were popular when I was in Nashville in October and I've been meaning to put together my own recipe using grits since then! Grits are super versatile, vegan, and there are so many unique ways you can use them. You can eat them on their own, make polenta cakes, polenta chips, casseroles, and I've seen people use them to make mini pancakes that act like tacos! Uhmm... yum!
Who doesn't love a good juice? If you're like me, you get sick of drinking water all the time, and it's nice to have a mix of different beverages in your life, especially ones that are healthy, vegan, and add some flavour and excitement to your diet. Juices are great to have in your fridge for a boost of vitamins and healthy plant-based goodness, and did you know you can make juices without having a juicer?
If there is one thing I've learned from my boyfriend Andrew is that he LOVES his chips with curry sauce. This combo is super common in England (where he is from) but is so damn good that I feel like we need to bring this tradition over into other parts of the world because we're seriously missing out! The key to the perfect chip (or fry or wedge.. we all call it something different) is that it's crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside and I find this recipe to master that just perfectly so you can get the best damn chips with vegan curry sauce you'll be able to make at home. I mean, we can't always fly to England for chips right?
So I've always had a mega obsession with hummus and other easy-to-make vegan dips that are perfect for snacking. They're usually really simple to make, healthy, and perfect when you're a busy bee like me and just want a quick snack. Also, they can be super great to bring to or have at a party. Who doesn't look a good platter of vegetables, crackers, dips and all that fun stuff? This red lentil hummus dip is one of my favs and is 110% plant-based. It only takes a few ingredients to make, and you'll have it whipped up in ten minutes or less! The best part that makes it better than regular hummus? The magical addition of red lentils. Yum!
Okay, I know I'm not the only one that's a mega fan of the love affair between chocolate and peanut butter. The combo is just a classic that is always to die for. Any recipe that these two ingredients are in together is guaranteed to be one that satisfies that sweet tooth!