Hi, my name is Maria and I'm addicted to pasta. I could eat pasta everyday and if I'm being honest some weeks I get pretty close. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat a few heads of kale for lunch, but when my body wants carbs glorious carbs, I go for it. So if you're ready to go for it, this garlic and onion white wine sauce is the best thing since sliced bread.
If there is one thing I know for sure, it's that I friggin' LOVE garlic, and there's nothing more comforting than a big bowl of creamy, tasty pasta, especially in the winter time. This super simple vegan recipe is full of flavour and is one of my favourites for cooking up for dinner.
Pumpkin season is among us, I know, it's sad summer is coming to an end but there's something magical about fall. For this pasta salad I used Bob's Red Mill pumpkin seeds which add a yummy plant-based nutty flavour and crunch to this super simple, versatile and delicious salad recipe.
I love this vegan recipe for the summertime, and I know what you're thinking, that pasta isn't necessarily a "summer" food. However, I find this creamy sauce to be perfect for the summertime when you want to get a hearty meal in.
This sauce is seriously the best and it's all thanks to those cashews and Bob's Red Mill's Nutritional Yeast. The combination of the two is one of my favs. I love cooking with cashews and if you've followed me before, you know I add nutritional yeast on everything!
CMT1 Well by now you must be able to tell that I have a thing for pasta and really simple recipes. This protein pasta dish fabulous, flavoursome and easy to follow. It takes you 10 minutes to prep your ingredients, 35 minutes to make and probably nothing short of a minute to inhale. This protein pasta dish is particularly special because it packs so many vegetables, spices and protein all in one.
pasta1 Did someone say Pasta, Healthy Tomato Sauce, and Chickpeas + Kale in the same recipe? I did!  It is the perfect "gloomy weather" dinner! Speaking of weather, this weather here in Calgary has been ridiculous (I am not one to moan about weather unless I am in England but seriously WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING).  Where is (was) summer YYC? Basically what I am saying is that when the weather is basically shit I crave really homey foods that are healthy, and nourishing.  Similar to this dish!
IMG_2633 Good Morning hunnies, as promised I have for you the recipe for this seriously delicious pasta bowl.  I honestly went into this eyes closed, with no expectations.  I wanted to use up my purple cauliflower, so I rummaged through my pantry and found Amaranth pasta and thought to myself... why not a chunky veg pasta bowl! I think my favourite part of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen is that it really souths my soul.  As much as I don't like talking about it I am really busy and on-the-go these days, so I really have no time for myself, ever.  Cooking just really keeps my spirit alive, and it especially wakes my senses why it turns out so beautifully.