We are stuck in the middle of a polar vortex and all I want to do is eat this warm, plant-based, comfort in a casserole dish, shepherd's pie. A traditional British shepherd's pie is usually the complete opposite of what you'd think a vegan or plant-based dish should be, good thing I like a challenge! This hearty version is super easy to whip up any night of the week and is packed with nutrients and bursting with flavour.
lentilsalad1 Good morning beauts!! I am here on a recipe spree adding two of my favourite green salads from last week, and more! This recipe is particularly awesome because it takes no time to make, leaves the kitchen looking clean and is a really filling and nutritions way to include great, healthy fibres into your everyday-diet! If you are afraid of lentils, I do not blame you... if you already know you are intolerant, and cant handle them then this recipe is not for you - I don't want anyone getting an upset stomach over these bad boys.  So if that is the case I suggest switching up this recipe with Chickpeas and you are sorted!
lentil Calling all Mamas - where are you? - this one is for you! Well, if I am honest, this is for everyone but it is so perfect for my mamas out there that are so busy, and in need of a quick, pick-me-up lunch or snack that you can eat to fuel yourself and your loved ones. This salad is truly such a well balanced dish.  It has protein, loads of fibre, B vitamins, and antioxidants.  I am all about simplicity, and easy recipes but if they are not nutritious then I really do not find them appealing... so I reckon you will all love this as it does accompany all your needs to get you through the day while staying energized - the right, and easy way!