Looking for the perfect gooey, chewy, plant-based cookie? What if I told you it's also super easy and quick to make, with all the ingredients going into one bowl! Well friends, let me introduce you to my one bowl white and dark chocolate chip cranberry cookie. If that name isn't enough of a mouth full, you can bet your mouth will be full of cookie by the end of this post.
Is it a cookie? Is it a cake pop? Welcome to 2019 where cookie meets cake pop and becomes one of the best things to ever hit your mouth! I grew up surrounded by cookies thanks to my Aunts, Mom and Grandma.  They would give them to me for breakfast or any meal really, but they were different to these. They were Greek cookies!  Let me be the first to say, these are not from some secret Greek recipe cookie vault but I guarantee they will become a staple in your cookie jar!  Let's get baking! 
cookies with milk Good evening, Good afternoon or Good morning from London Town everyone! Where has this year gone? My gosh, it is mad how quickly the months continue to fly.. I guess it is true what they say - the older you get the quicker the years pass.  It was only a year ago I was laying on a lovely sun lounger tanning my pale "British" adapted skin in Phoenix.  As planned this year is a little bit different as I am spending it in England with Andrew's family. I know it's going to be a strange experience for me but so fun at the same time as my family and I don't really do the whole Christmas thing... but just because we don't really participate in the buzz doesn't mean that I am not into it because, we are, but for some different reasons.