I'd like to say Spring has sprung, but unfortunately for some of us in Canada, it's currently snowing outside! So to get in the Spring of things (see what I did there) I'm baking up some bright, fresh, and oh so delicious vegan desserts. Starting with this simple rustic vegan berry chocolate tart. It only takes 5 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to bake.
Spring is here and we are celebrating with this super easy, one bowl chocolate chunk vegan blondies! Don't let the golden delicious color fool you, these vegan blondies are all the gooey, crunchy, chocolatey goodness you want from a brownie but in a lighter spring version. They are so quick and easy to make they only take one bowl, a few ingredients, and 30 minutes--leaving you plenty of time to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather!
Looking for the perfect gooey, chewy, plant-based cookie? What if I told you it's also super easy and quick to make, with all the ingredients going into one bowl! Well friends, let me introduce you to my one bowl white and dark chocolate chip cranberry cookie. If that name isn't enough of a mouth full, you can bet your mouth will be full of cookie by the end of this post.
Let me introduce you to your new favourite, super easy, VEGAN dessert! Since I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, I figured if I must participate it will be to demonstrate my love for food. What better way to celebrate love than a rich and creamy vegan cashew chocolate mousse cake. This decadent vegan chocolate cake is made with just a few simple ingredients that won't have you feeling bad for having a second slice. After all, life is about balance and the heart wants what the heart wants!
Is it a cookie? Is it a cake pop? Welcome to 2019 where cookie meets cake pop and becomes one of the best things to ever hit your mouth! I grew up surrounded by cookies thanks to my Aunts, Mom and Grandma.  They would give them to me for breakfast or any meal really, but they were different to these. They were Greek cookies!  Let me be the first to say, these are not from some secret Greek recipe cookie vault but I guarantee they will become a staple in your cookie jar!  Let's get baking! 
Okay, I know I'm bias but these are seriously bomb AF! This recipe is not a typical FoodByMaria recipe as it does have butter and sugar but hey, balance is key! This recipe is easy to make, versatile, gooey, and sooooooooooo good that it's making my mouth water just typing this. These brownies are perfect for your next party, or to just make up for a sweet treat for yourself because you deserve it!
matchaballs2 Let us prepare ourselves to enjoy dark chocolate truffles coated in Matcha. You will probably eat all 12 at once, but there is nothing wrong with eating antioxidants with more antioxidants! These truffles are made using two ingredients, in one bowl and are easily transformed into a crunchy treat by adding seeds, nuts or your favourite super food powders!
cc3 Introducing The Chocolate Cashew Coffee! This beautiful plant based, sugar free, and dairy free idea stemmed from a friend of mine Sara, from (@shisodelicious)! This beautiful woman is genuinely one of the most amazing friends, and people in this "foodie" world I live in! She has always got something creative and stunning up her sleeve, but the best part.. she is never afraid to share, and teach her techniques.  This is something that attracts me most about Sara.  She is like my own little mentor, and always helping me to learn more about food, their flavours and even remedies to help me deal with my random tummy issues.
ARBONNE1 Are you an avid gym goer?  Are you someone who is not to keen on protein, and pre-work outs?  I know I am! To be honest, I do not use any of it, ever! I will use Beet Powder, and that is it.  So basically I am doing this post on behalf of my boyfriend today, who does use Proteins post gym and before bed.  He is very particular to which product he will use, so that is why I think it is super important that I share with all of you this amazing product, that is Vegan, Cruelty, and according to him, pretty damn delicious.
WATERMELON Watermelon is in season, so why not turn them into healthy Chocolate and Coconut Pops?? All I can think of when I look at these beauties is Summer, BBQs's, and good laughs with friends outside in the backyard.  So imagine the memories you would be creating for your little ones when you spend a few minutes making these with them, and then enjoy them together! There is truly something to be said about teaching children how to eat don't you think? What you teach them is eventually passed down as knowledge and creativity to their children, and a part of you is forever with your kids when they are off to Uni, and when they have their own family!