Let me introduce you to your new favourite, super easy, VEGAN dessert! Since I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, I figured if I must participate it will be to demonstrate my love for food. What better way to celebrate love than a rich and creamy vegan cashew chocolate mousse cake. This decadent vegan chocolate cake is made with just a few simple ingredients that won't have you feeling bad for having a second slice. After all, life is about balance and the heart wants what the heart wants!
SBR Do we really need an excuse to treat our other half (lets be real, I mean ourselves)? Ok, good, I am glad we all agree that Valentines Day is not the only day that we should be smothering our bests, family, and loved ones with kisses, hugs and plant based Cheese Cake! Although I do not have a huge sweet tooth I am still so all over this amazingly simply Cherry Strawberry Cheese Cake! It is so simple to make, easy to follow and make without added sugars! Super healthy for you as is it filled with plant-based proteins, healthy fast and yummy naturally sweetened fruits!
IMG_2615 Hello Thursday! I don't know where the weeks continue to go, but it still amazes me how quickly time seems to fly! As you can tell by the title of this recipe I am super happy to say that we reached my "Birthday Wish" goal! We raised just over $400, and I only planned on making around $250! This is amazing, and I was smiling from ear to ear on the 18th when I check to see how far we got! I would love to thank everyone who took time to donate, and show me love! It means alot to me, more than most of you will ever understand. So for that I am so thankful!
IMG_2308 Hello everyone! I bring to you The SuperFood Nice Cream Cake made for myself, to celebrate my baby (not so baby) sisters birthday! I don't know where the years continue to go, but I really need time to slow down just for a bit .  It's ok I will drown my time sorrows into this no guilt, decadent, and creamy delicious Nice Cream Cake!
IMG_2215 Hey love birds!! I'm back with yet another recipe! I made this lovely little treat for a special day, it was tuesday, ha.  I wanted someone thing delicious, healthy and sweet that my sister and I could enjoy. It hit the spot, left me feeling no guilt... like Nutella, Oreos, and over sweetened "dark chocolate" normal would.
IMG_1616 Hey everyone! I am so excited to share with you guys this amazing Cake!! I can honestly say this was one of my most happy baking moments yet.  When that cake came out in perfect shape I was grinning from ear to ear! I have to give a lot of credit to Dana from Minimalist Baker (www.minimalistbaker.com) who originally came up with the cake recipe, but I modified it based on what I had and how I wanted it to turn out! This is why baking is so amazing, just try out ingredients, and see what works best for you!! and of course, always acknowledge the original author if you're going to publish it on social media!