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Hello all you beautiful people! The time has come that I turn 28! This is going to be a FUND-RAGER PARTY put on by myself (@FoodbyMaria) and Morgan Belle at 80th + Ivy. The event (click here to see Facebook event) is dedicated to my birthday wish. For the second year I have chosen a charity to donate to instead of receiving gifts I don't need. All proceeds for the event will go to Alberta Healthy Services - Calgary Eating Disorder Program. As you know (or might not) I suffered from Bulimia for 6 years and would like to help people still suffering.
15129439_1782836908647135_7773983938050713056_o Hey guys! Here's a quick but sweet look into our recent photoshoot with our talented friend Tegan Jay Dutton. I can honestly say that these photo bring little butterflies to my belly and make me smile so big.  This is only a small fraction of the edited photos so you can expect more very soon! The last photo is my absolute favourite and I am sure you would all agree! Tegan's website is going live on the first of December but until then check out her Facebook Page! Love from Your Greek Food Goddess XOX
raquel13 Hello everyone, and Happy Saturday! Back with Photography by Raquel as a part of my Share The Love portion of the blog! This specific blog post means a lot to me as Raquel is one of my longest friends.  Her love for art, and photography is one of my many reasons why I am obsessed with her beautiful self.  I wish nothing but the best for you girl, you deserve all the happiness in the world and more. Raquel showcases her work on her Instagram (@rrcoolv), and just recently she started her own Society6 account, where you can get your hands on her amazing art!
bugs Hey beautiful people! I am sorry but you probably clicked this linked assuming I would be talking about how I grocery shop, or how many vegetables I eat in a day! Am I right?  Well you are all in for a little bit of a change, or a "plot twist" shall I say because this post it about the recent film I watched, Bugs On The Menu.  Bugs On The Menu is about, well exactly what the title says.  bring bugs to our menus, and diets. First I would like to thank the Calgary International Film Festival for bringing this beautiful film to us, and for opening mine and Andrew's eyes to so much more information.

All photos by: @brehaf

Happy First Birthday to FoodByMaria!

Oh my gosh, did I really just say that? I cannot believe it as already been a whole year since this blog started.

It was a year ago that I was literally scared shitless before posting that the blog had gone live.

It was a year ago I decided to buy a laptop because I figured it would further my blogging skills.

It was just over a year ago I finally grew the balls to tell my family that I was done with accounting.

It was just over a year ago that I also grew a set to tell them I was leaving 7 years of University Education behind to pursue a dream.


Hey guys! Back again with another "share the love" post about a the beautiful, local entrepreneur behind MAKER YYC!

So, check it out, last week I had a photo shoot, and the beautifully talented soul behind @zingarayyc did my Henna! I fell in love with her work immediately, and it made me really begin to think about the tattoo that I have been wanting to get for years now.

Take a look at a few photos from her beautiful gallery below!

blog Hey you guys! This post is different to ones I have done before because it instead of having to read me ramble you get to look at some pretty cool (as least we think so) photography shots from the other day!

"Clothes designed for the small + the mighty.  Designed by a small town mama + handprinted in SK, [Canada]"

Small + Mighty Clothing is a cute, chic clothing line made by my friend, a beautiful Mama, and the Website creator for FoodByMaria.  Caitlin is an extremely talented women, who has a true passion for fashion, but of the simple side.  Beautiful Basic Staples to jazz up your closet.  Especially cute for this hot summer we are experiencing here in Canada!  


WATCH FOODBYMARIA LIVE IN ACTION ON CTV NEWS CALGARY, HERE (for some reason it is not letting me link Thursday May 5th segment, so just scroll down again, and click on May 5th! Do not watch May 4th in hopes of seeing me, ha) THE TIME YOU WANT TO BE WATCHING FOR IS 27:29.

Hello everyone, I am writing you this with an open heart, I cannot begin to tell you how emotional these past few days have been for me, and everyone in the City of Calgary, Province of Alberta or World have been.  As most of you already know Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada is in a huge state of emergency, and quite literally in flames – if you do not just turn on the news and you will see what exactly has been going on.  A lot families, close friends, and the people who help fuel the Canadian economy have been left with nothing but the clothing on their back, and their loved ones.  Thankfully no life has been lost in the tragedy, but do need to help the members of this community get themselves back on their feet! So this is where myself, and two lovely girls come in!

Hey guys, a young woman is embarking on a journey and she needs our help! Here is her really amazing story!

Hello, my name is Sydney!!

I am a regular 17 year old girl who has a driving passion to help those in need. I am in my final year of high school and am looking to use this trip as a life changing experience that will hopefully further inspire me to conquer my goal of becoming a nurse. I believe every person is entitled to a good quality of life and I fully plan on helping as many individuals as I can while in Kenya. I have been saving for 3 years for this volunteer trip  to help communities in need.

community 13224253_10153439220380957_1469195015_o


So I am not sure if most of you made a New Years Resolution this year…but I did something different.  I made a promise.  I promised that when I can and when life allows me to I would do more to help create change in my community, and try my best to impact the lives of as many people as I can. I know that we are very preoccupied, and have very “busy” schedules but small change can lead to huge accomplishments, milestones, and can make someones day.  And the best part?!?! Small change usually does not involve a lot of time, effort, or hassle!

It took me awhile to decide on an organization that I would choose to support and represent, but I finally found one that aligns perfectly with my beliefs, morals and embodies the vision of FoodByMaria. So this is why I have chosen to work alongside Sundae Nordin from Community Kitchen Program (CKP) in Calgary.  This lovely lady is the Community Development & Volunteer Manager at CKP, and works for such a great cause.

On Monday May 16th an amazing group of friends got together and put together Fruit and Veg for the Good Food Box!