One pot recipes are one of my favourites because they are so simple! And what if I told you that you can make a delicious nutty vegan stew, the ultimate comfort food, that's completely allergen free? Yes, you heard me correctly! This stew uses a plant based butter called SunButter that adds that nutty taste but doesn't use nuts to make this creamy product. SunButter is made with roasted sunflower seeds, grown in the United States.
Nothing beats a nice, creamy bowl of soup in the fall/winter. I love how many different ways you can make soup, and all the different vegetables that can be thrown into the mix to make new, delicious flavours. This plant-based cauliflower soup is one of my favourites. It's super easy to make, plus it tastes great, and warms my soul.
The weather is gloomy and the leaves are slowly falling off the trees. Guys, it's November. When did this happen? I'm still in denial that it's no longer summer and the year is almost over. However, one good thing about colder weather is cuddling up to a warming bowl of vegan chili. Chili is such an easy and budget-friendly meal to make for the whole family. Plus, it can easily be put in the freezer if you want to meal prep or save some for one of those too-busy weeks. This vegan chili recipe was made with three different beans and Bob's Red Mill lentils, which mean's it's jammed with nutrition.
This vegan soup is going to seriously blow your mind and your insides will thank you. Why? Because it is made with ashwagandha. I know what you're thinking, what on earth is ashwagandha? Well let me tell you... Ashwagandha Herbal Blends by NatureWise are my deep dark secret. Just kidding, it's not really a secret. However, so many people don't know about ashwagandha and I find that so unfortunate because it has so many benefits. First off, it's renowned for being able to reduce the damaging effects of stress on the mind and body, which is fantastic for all of us that sometimes can't catch a breath on those busy weeks/days. NatureWise's product is made with proven vegan ashwagandha extract with select botanicals to deliver targeted support for different areas you may need help with like stress, endurance, libido, brain health, etc.
Who doesn't love a hearty bowl of stew? Especially in the cold winter months. Stew is definitely the ultimate comfort food and it can be so easy and tasty to make. This recipe I made with Bob's Red Mill mixed bean soup mix. This soup mix makes this meal even easier to make! It has 13 different kinds of beans in it which means it's packed with protein (12g per serving) and with beans comes fiber, plus your daily value of iron! What I love the most about using this mix is that it's easy but you can also allow for culinary creativity, and the ability to add your own magic to the recipe with spices.
I feel so guilty posting this recipe but so happy all at the same time! I couldn't go much longer wondering if my favourite Greek soup could be transformed Vegan, and guess what? It can be and damn baby, it is gooood!! I must admit, Andrew still asks me to make this soup as traditionally done and since we do still eat eggs occasionally I am totally ok with that.  I have mentioned to you all before that I am not Vegan.  I am not Veggie.  I am not anything.  I eat what my body asks for and most of the time that is plant-based, nourishing foods.  The foods I eat make me feel good, help keep my nourished and strong, so at the end of the day that makes me happy.  Suffering with Bulimia for so long really opened my eyes to new ways of loving and appreciating food and I can't bring myself to add Vegan or Vegetarian to the mix right now. Why? Well, I am afraid that would trigger restriction in my heart and that really frightens me.
Are you tired of all your fresh, gorgeous herbs always going to waste? Well, I was - not to mention the fact that I am notorious for killing plants and herbs because 1) its too hot in my house and I can't keep up with watering 2) I just kill them, I don't mean to but I am no green thumb.  Anyway, enough about me and more about these gorgeous, clever and time saving Olive Oil Pods! They're the perfect way to quickly add flavour to all your vegan vegetable recipes and vegetarian recipes!  You can jazz them up in class by ensuring you use natural and organic foods (herbs in this case) to make sure you're getting the best quality into each dish.
Hello everyone and Happy July!! Can you believe it, I've officially gone nuts and made soup in the middle of this heat wave but Andrew proved a good point to the other day, to help justify my madness.  "Baby, it's not Summer everywhere in the world" so this recipe is for everyone but for half the world to enjoy now and perhaps for my Summer experiencing dare devils! I went into this vegan + vegetarian soup recipe quite scared if I am honest.  Creating a traditional recipe and transforming it into something its not technically meant to be can be quite frightening but it was all worth it because this recipe is bomb AF! I guarantee, guarantee, everyone in your family is going to fall in love with it.
POTATOSOUP1 I have a thing for meal prep and nourishing my body.  Kind of like how I have a thing for eating my greens, going gym and drinking loads of water. This sort of stuff has become second nature for me and I wanted to share with you this soup recipe that will make food prep that much more delicious. Do not be intimidated if you do not food prep, this soup can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!
kalecaulisoup It is The Detox Soup you all need! I will be the first to tell you the colour is not impressively beautiful, but the taste is, and the benefits are well worth it.  The soup embodies everything you need in a day for greens, and health foods.  Balanced with healthy fats, detoxifying greens, and richness from the peas and coconut milk. The Detox Soup is plant based, sugar + dairy free, as well as Andrew approved.  We both lead very busy lives so sometimes it is hard to make sure we get our 10-15  servings of vegetables in a day but this soup surely proved us wrong.  If you ever feel like you need a healthy, cleansing soup then you should absolutely try this one!