The New Year is here and I am so excited to get after new projects and tackle all of my goals! A lot of people like to make resolutions that include working out and eating healthy. Well I am here to help in the food department and these plant based energizing espresso cacao snack bites are the perfect place to start. Spoiler alert, they are super easy to make and will be perfect to keep you energized for all your 2019 goals.
Are you tired of all your fresh, gorgeous herbs always going to waste? Well, I was - not to mention the fact that I am notorious for killing plants and herbs because 1) its too hot in my house and I can't keep up with watering 2) I just kill them, I don't mean to but I am no green thumb.  Anyway, enough about me and more about these gorgeous, clever and time saving Olive Oil Pods! They're the perfect way to quickly add flavour to all your vegan vegetable recipes and vegetarian recipes!  You can jazz them up in class by ensuring you use natural and organic foods (herbs in this case) to make sure you're getting the best quality into each dish.
rootandbones Did someone say Ice Cream?!? Yep, I did! Made using natural food like cacao, fruit (banana) and maple syrup.  All you need to do in blend up all the gorgeous ingredients and you have yourself the most delicious and nutritious recipe, ever! This raw food recipe is a super simple raw food diet idea too - so add it to your favourites! Should I also mention that this recipe is extremely high in plant based protein (from the nut butters) and antioxidants (from the Reishi).
pizzahs2 What is this you see? Can you believe this a raw food recipe and not another potatoes or pasta dish? I can because this next Vegan Recipe is amazing and one of the simplest raw food recipes on the blog! The Chocolate Cherry Coconut Nice Cream is damn delicious, filled with fruit and super easy to make!
EATYOURGREENS3 It taste just like Cheese! I am not kidding. This Cashew Cream triples as the best spread, sauce and dip ever! You can quite literally use this amazing stuff in your salads, for raw veggies on in your wraps.  It has the silky consistency of cream cheese but without all the bad additives. This recipe really makes being on a raw food diet (not me) and plant based diet really easy! Raw food recipes can sometimes seem a bit fat fetched but I promise you this one is amazing and can so easily be added to another one of your favourite vegetable recipes! Of course you may be a bit hesitant to try it as it is made from cashews after all and is extremely healthy, nourishing organic food and super easy to make. But hey, I will you be the judge!
SBR Do we really need an excuse to treat our other half (lets be real, I mean ourselves)? Ok, good, I am glad we all agree that Valentines Day is not the only day that we should be smothering our bests, family, and loved ones with kisses, hugs and plant based Cheese Cake! Although I do not have a huge sweet tooth I am still so all over this amazingly simply Cherry Strawberry Cheese Cake! It is so simple to make, easy to follow and make without added sugars! Super healthy for you as is it filled with plant-based proteins, healthy fast and yummy naturally sweetened fruits!
snowman Tis the season to make festive treats, share the love and spend time with your families! These little treats are so easy to make, super good for you,  help increase energy and are extremely fun for the whole family to enjoy!

My healthy festive treats are filled full with:

  • nuts
  • dates
  • superfoods
  • gorgeous spices
Not only are these festive treats going to leave you feeling great but they will also help you relax, reduce bloating and regulate your blood sugar!
coconuttarts3 We all have a sweet tooth, so why not kick the craving with these most delicious Raw Healthy Tarts! Made with really amazing ingredients, that are easy to access but still contain the needed nutrition to get you and your family through the day! Not only are they raw, and healthy but they are also plant based, sugar, dairy, and gluten free; win, win! With a simple food processor, 4 ingredients (for the tart), and a few moulds you are ready to make these beautiful Raw Healthy Tarts in 5 minutes. Need I say crowd pleaser?
float4 Did someone say Caramel and Coffee Ice Cream in the same sentence? Yep, I think someone did! And lucky for all of you the recipe is ready, and easy to follow! I followed the base by my gorgeous friend Laura from Laura Miller's Raw Vegan Not Gross new cookbook and it is seriously to die for! It is especially awesome because the recipe is gluten, and dairy free, sugar free, and plant based.  So what does this mean for you?  Well no bloats, no cramping, no sugar low and yes, you can go back for seconds!