You've probably heard the saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." If you ask me, every meal is important and an opportunity to feed your body tasty and nutritious food. Whether you are eating plant-based, vegan, or whatever is on the menu, I think it's important to eat intentionally. Be aware of what you are putting in your body and why. So what did I make Andrew and myself for breakfast the other day, pancakes, and why did I make them? Because pancakes are so easy to make and fucking D-licious! Friends it shouldn't be that complicated.
I always try to have a batch of plant-based banana chocolate chip muffins in the house. They are so easy to whip up and save me every time I have to run out the door and need a quick snack. Andrew also loves having them packed in his lunch, so I always try to tuck a few in his cooler. Make these for your friends and family and you'll instantly be their favourite person because honestly who doesn't love banana chocolate chip muffins!
This plant based cashew milk latte is an instant cup of cheer! I love my cup of coffee in the morning, like LOVE it. I get excited at night knowing I get to wake up and have a mug full of steaming hot, freshly brewed coffee, decaf in my case. It's not even about the caffeine kick, which lets be honest doesn't hurt after the 5am wake up call, for me it's part of my morning ritual. It's a moment in my day when I get to take a breathe. Not all mornings are slow, but even on the go, coffee in hand, I still get this moment.
One of the best part about the changing of seasons is the new foods that we begin to introduce back into our lives. For fall and winter, we’re always looking for comforting vegan foods like apples and cinnamon. This vegan recipe combines both those fall favourites in a tasty and versatile dessert dish.
We're back to school, back to work, back into a routine and meal prepping again. Back into the swing of things I'd like to say. It's funny how summer really throws you off your regular routine right? Anyway, this vegan recipe is perfect for just that, a quick thing to grab when you're on-the-go, kid-friendly, and great for breakfast, running between school and hockey practice, and snacking.
This post is a little different than my usual posts but I wanted to write this because I just discovered a product which I absolutely love and I think when I find an organic food product I love I NEED to share it with all of you! Bob's Red Mill just recently launched new Muesli Cups. These come in tropical, paleo and gluten free, and are super simple and an easy way for you to eat healthy on-the-go organic food.
If you've been following along with me over the last couple of months you'd know that I've really been into incorporating Vital Proteins' Beauty Boost tablets into my daily routine. These tablets help to improve the health of your hair, skin and nails because they are loaded with biotin and vitamin c, and a bonus is they are organic and plant-based. I've seen a noticeable difference on my body while using them which is super exciting, because I mean, who doesn't want to feel even more confident and beautiful?! So I wanted to share with you a unique way I've been incorporating the tablet into my diet. Taking a handful of pills (assuming you're taking other vitamins too) in the morning can be exhausting and boring, so if I can find a way to incorporate them into the plant-based food I'm eating, that's a win win! I put together this quick and easy recipe for a smoothie bowl that I love. It's wicked refreshing, nourishing and perfect as the hot summer weather is approaching.
friendbananabreakfast2 A close up shot of my coconut oil fried banana + cinnamon apple breakfast.  It was amazing! I whipped this up in a jiffy as I had a really busy day yesterday and just wanted something sweet to quickly enjoy.  This breakfast recipe works great as a snack (how I ate it yesterday) and can easily be doubled or tripled to please the whole family. I used gluten free oats, no sugar or dairy.  The sweetness comes from the banana and I added poms for that added crunch! This dish really reminds me of the beginning of the year. My sister, Dena, lived in our flat at the beginning of the year and most mornings we would enjoy breakfast like this, talk about our goals and then go our separate ways to get on with our busy day. Needless to say this dish really symbolizes a calm place and a sense of relaxation - something I really need!
IMG_2953 Feast your eyes on the Breakfast Pizza! Good morning beautiful people -it is actually Monday night - I hope you all slept well and are ready to get cracking on with your day! Anyway, I woke up craving pizza, but we all know how much I love breakfast, so I decided to make a delicious sweet pizza to treat myself.
chia1 A few weeks I told you about the Benefits of Chia Seeds - today I used Salba Chia Seeds - so this week I think it is best I tell you how to make a delicious Cacao Chia Pudding? Did I mention it is good for you, easy to make, and leaves no mess in kitchen? Ya, I bet I have your attention now.  We all love chocolate so there is not excuse here... this recipe is a must and can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack.  Either way it is delicious..