The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps and apparently the vegan mecca for food! New York baby! I love New York. I find it so vibrant, full of culture, things to do, vegan places to eat, and the chaos, and bright lights make it so exciting. I feel so safe in New York, it's easy to travel around, and the list of benefits of this city seriously goes on and on.

For me, the new year brings a clean slate and a fresh start. It's about reflecting and rewarding yourself for the hard work you put in the past year and also taking the steps to plan for an exciting and productive year ahead. This year I am starting off with Clean Program's January Group Cleanse -a 21 day challenge! Don't worry this is not your average cleanse, let me tell you why. They don't promote weight loss or focus on dieting, instead it's a nutrient dense meal planning program to help kick start our lives.

I love getting the opportunity to travel and not only see new places, but also eat my way through new cities. I think the best way to explore is by planning my day around my meals, everyone does that right? My latest adventure took me to Toronto, where I got to indulge in all the city has to offer. For all my plant based friends, please enjoy this vegan guide to Toronto!
I'm so excited to share with you my latest plant-based vacation with Andrew to Whistler and Vancouver recently!

I just want to say that it has been a long time coming for Canadians to get an airline that doesn't charge you an arm and a leg to fly within our own country. People always question us Canadians about why we don't travel within Canada more than we do, and it's because the flights across Canada can sometimes be the same cost as flying to another continent completely. That's why I'm so excited that Canada finally has a true ultra-cost airline - Swoop, making travel within our country, and beyond, more accessible to people.

You're probably thinking, where on earth do you get good vegan food in Calgary? Well, plant-based eating is making a huge impact on our community, so there are truly many more hidden gems throughout the city that a lot of us have no clue about!  To raise awareness and help support local I have teamed up with Travel Alberta to share with you my top picks for comforting plant-based meals.  All I can say is... get down to these locations now! Here they are folks:
  • Jinya Ramen Bar
  • The Dandelion Cafe
  • Donna Mac
  • Canela
  • Pinche Pierogies
The other day I wrote an article about my morning routine and how I feel that getting up at 5am, combined with my plant-based diet has made me so productive, healthier, and improved my overall way of life. I had so many of you reach out to me with questions and wanting more information about what my morning routine actually looks like so I thought I'd write this to provide you with some more info so you can get your mornings in check!
Hello friends! You all have been asking lately my trick to becoming an early morning person and how it's completely changed my life and routine, so I present to you the ultimate guide to how you can become a member of this super secret club too. Okay, it's not super secret. I became a member of the 5am club earlier this year in February, 2018 (February 25th to be exact). This decision was by far one of the best business decisions I have ever made in my life! I am more productive, I am more powerful, and I have more confidence in my work. Not to mention, I feel more energized, organized, healthy, and now have the time to get shit done. By the time it's 9am I am usually already done my work out, my emails, goal planning and my affirmations.
If you've been paying attention to me in anyway over the last few months, you'll know that I had been working so hard on putting together my cookbook, Mindful Vegan Meals, just for you, and just last week it finally launched! I can't even begin to explain how overwhelmed I've been lately from all your love and support, combined with my nervousness of you holding my book in your hands in your kitchens across the country.
As I sit down at my table to eat a simple vegan Thai coconut holy basil noodle bowl, I think to myself: "How simple is this really?" I know the foods I eat aren't really that complicated to make, but does that make me naive? Have you ever put thought into where the ingredients you're adding into your recipes come from? As I stare at my bowl of steaming  coconut holy basil noodles I start to think about each ingredient. Those snap peas are local, limes are from Mexico, noodles are made in America, red curry paste and coconut milk from Asia. It's wild to think about all the places around the globe that you get food from without even realizing it.
If you've been following along with me over the last couple of months you'd know that I've really been into incorporating Vital Proteins' Beauty Boost tablets into my daily routine. These tablets help to improve the health of your hair, skin and nails because they are loaded with biotin and vitamin c, and a bonus is they are organic and plant-based. I've seen a noticeable difference on my body while using them which is super exciting, because I mean, who doesn't want to feel even more confident and beautiful?! So I wanted to share with you a unique way I've been incorporating the tablet into my diet. Taking a handful of pills (assuming you're taking other vitamins too) in the morning can be exhausting and boring, so if I can find a way to incorporate them into the plant-based food I'm eating, that's a win win! I put together this quick and easy recipe for a smoothie bowl that I love. It's wicked refreshing, nourishing and perfect as the hot summer weather is approaching.