IMG_8002 The Content Planner.  Just when I thought I was too organized I met The Content Planner. Perfect for people with social media platforms and for those who need help marketing their brand and products! My life has been nothing but 'more' structured since I started using the Content Planner.  It is great for daily/weekly goal setting, task assignments and great for little reminders to stay on task and in the zone!
cashew1 Eating healthily, feeling well and staying energized over the holidays will no longer be difficult! Use these five tips to help you eat better, create beautiful platters and make more health conscious holiday choices! First, lets get some facts out in the open.  I know all you are going to eat poorly,  consume more sugar and ingest 'just a tad' more alcohol than you normally would.  That is ok, that makes you human.  I will be the first to tell you I might do the same, even if that means drinking for the 5th time in 2016 or having a cookie with refined sugar that I normally would not.  So, remember, how we choose to be balanced is up to us. So if you are anything like me and eat really well all the time then this post is going to speak to you least because you already know what it is like to eat shit food one in awhile then pay for it the next day....
  clearfloat4 Looking to get away but don't have the time? Do you need to relax but just cant find the right moment to sneak away from your busy schedule or hide from the stress at the office? That can all change and it is as easy as heading down to Clear Float Spa Calgary to experience an hour of nothing but relaxation.

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turmeric1 FoodByMaria teamed up with The Light Cellar Calgary to bring to your this warming and delicious Turmeric Elixir! The light Cellar are certainly not new to this whole elixir deal, as you can see by their amazing menu, and stunning ingredients! But before I get into the Elixir too much since were on the topic of ingredients I feel obligated to tell you that The Light Cellar recently teamed up with SPUD YYC!  Click here to see how you can get your hands on some of The Light Cellars Products! You ask yourself why? Well simply because they are delivered to your home, and fabulous! We all lead busy lives so the both of these amazing companies teaming up could not be more magical for this city!
carrotheartchoice Introducing the Carrot Berry Boom.  The smoothie that may confuse you, and your taste buds. Naturally when one becomes addicted to making smoothies they experiment right? Well I never thought carrots and berries would work, but I proved myself wrong and came up with this bad-ass recipe, using Heart Greens by HumanN. It is a Powder made from Kale, Spinach  & Greens Powder.

"HumanN HeartGreens provide the body with the nutrition you need to help support the body's natural ability to produce nitric oxide and promote cardiovascular health"

truebuch1 I hope none of you are unfamiliar with Kombucha, because TRUEBUCH is the bees-knees. This local, raw, and organic Kombucha is brewed right here in Calgary, by a lovely couple. I actually had the liberty of meeting with Louisa, and my lord she is a gem.  We chatted - as I occasionally bombarded her with questions -  about TRUEBUCH when I discovered it is a two year old company. They support many local companies, and have loads of beneficial initiavites - for example, if you purchase a bottle (photographed above) 10% of the proceeds go to different charities. You can find their probiotic drink in several locations here in Calgary, and there are a variety of flavours that you can buy which are either bottles, or brewed on draught - which can be refilled!

To take a look further into their gallery, and drink selection just click here

hg4 Hey guys! Back with this powerful HeartGreens. Smoothie made using a new, and amazing product from HumanN.  It is a Powder made from Kale, Spinach  & Greens Powder.

"HumanN HeartsGreens provide the body with the nutrition you need to help support the body's natural ability to produce nitric oxide and promote cardiovascular health"

So you guessed it, this product is unbelievable for you mental and physical health! Click here to see, and read more about the amazing product, HeartGreens!

img_5616 Before we jump into the Smoothie part of this post I thought I would quickly touch on the importance of good quality ingredients, and how crucial it is that you read the labels carefully before purchasing! My favourite panty ingredients to add to smoothie are hemp seeds, chia seeds, cacao, matcha, teas, and acai! Never be afraid to be creative, it is the only way you will learn! img_5977 This seven-ingredient Healthy Breakfast Smoothie is exactly what you need to get yourself back into that fit, and healthy routine.  Since we all lead busy lives there is really no time left to fuss with breakfasts, but thanks to blenders, and smoothies we can now pack drinks full with proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants!
14350611_895881153888879_1102722740_n Hello Beautiful! It has been awhile since I blogged but I have been so busy working on a few amazing things for everyone to enjoy! One of which is a workshop with yours truly! Click here to find out how you can cook with me, learn about the benefits of food, and how it can help energize you through winter! So because I am so tight for time I am just here for a quick few to introduce you all to my new favourite skincare line, by the beautiful Ella Mills (also known as @deliciouslyella).  This beautiful soul teamed up with Neal's Yard Remedies to create a new skincare line (wash, and lotion), and wow did they ever succeed.