If you've been following along with me over the last couple of months you'd know that I've really been into incorporating Vital Proteins' Beauty Boost tablets into my daily routine. These tablets help to improve the health of your hair, skin and nails because they are loaded with biotin and vitamin c, and a bonus is they are organic and plant-based. I've seen a noticeable difference on my body while using them which is super exciting, because I mean, who doesn't want to feel even more confident and beautiful?! So I wanted to share with you a unique way I've been incorporating the tablet into my diet. Taking a handful of pills (assuming you're taking other vitamins too) in the morning can be exhausting and boring, so if I can find a way to incorporate them into the plant-based food I'm eating, that's a win win! I put together this quick and easy recipe for a smoothie bowl that I love. It's wicked refreshing, nourishing and perfect as the hot summer weather is approaching.
I'm super pumped about this new product I've been using which means I was eager to share it with you. Vital Proteins' Beauty Boost is the latest vegan supplement I've added to my daily routine, it's rich in Biotin (500% of your daily value) and Vitamin C (300% of your daily value) and it helps boost your body's natural production of collagen. On top of that, it boosts your B6 and Selnium which helps with your hair, skin and nails, plus did I say it's Vegan?!
It's that time of year again and I have some up with a different way to gift your family for the holidays.  Often people are very stressed this time of year and are hardly taking care of the person who matters most, themselves.  Give the gift of relaxation for your family and friends this year! What am I saying? Give your friends little customized Bath Oils and Bath Salts!
By now, you all know I went through a slight anxiety crisis this summer.  It was a fucking nightmare filled with ups and downs, skin breakouts and a slight depression.  Like guys, it was a weird summer, I actually peed myself.  My anxiety was so bad I had nightmares that made me pee myself.  I would wake up chocking from the fear of something happening to me or my family. One night, it was so bad, I had to wake up Andrew because I genuinely thought it was the end for me.  He googled the symptoms, calmed me down and reassured me I was just having another fear/panic attack.
Sharing the love with all of you again on this Beautiful Wednesday morning.  Talented Calgary (YYC) based photographer @jasonbephoto welcomed me and my photo shoot with opens arms two weeks ago, as we invaded his home, and basically cook over his living room. Nothing would be the same without gorgeous + edgy make-up artist, @sofnotsoph, talented hair stylist @k8ferg, and our handy man dan on the lights @andrewjcamacho.  Thank you all so much for working with my crazy self, and for making me feel as comfortable as possible!

Photo Credit: Lux Media Group

"The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself"

It has been awhile folks, but I am back with an important topic; learning to love yourself + self confidence.  For years and years I would tell myself, and people around me that I was strong. I don't know if I did this because I thought I was, or because I was confusing the word strong for something else.  Maybe I was confused because for years I was strong; I was ripped, I had tree trunk muscles legs, and I had the pain tolerance of The Hulk.  I guess what I decided to believe is that when I was young (and I believe this to be the same for a lot of people) I was taught that being strong means you are strong.

Definition of strong - at the age of around 13-16:

  1. You can take on the world, defend yourself, and not be walked all over.
  2. Lift really heavy things, and carry your dad.
Thats right guys, you read it right! 15% off at the most Chic, and Cute Beauty Salon in Calgary! The Vanity Vault Calgary is such a dream, and genuinely makes you feel like you're right at home.  They have an array of beautiful services, and products to offer to their clients, but the ones that stick out most to me are their Bio Sea Weed Gel Nails,  Natural LED Teeth Whitening, and Organic Tan Spray Tans!

To redeem this offer simply:

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Hello, Hello again! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far.  I've spent most of my morning working on this healthy hair + skin post, eating, working out, eating, working, and singing a long to Beyonce. Oh and dancing.  Speaking of dancing, why the hell did I ever stop? Dancing used to be one of the things that made me happiest.


Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes [or in your hair?] - Marilyn Monroe

I am dedicating this post to someone close to me. To someone I love with all my heart. To someone that has taught me from a young age that you are perfect just the way you are.  I am so blessed to have spent all those summers with you in Greece. This woman is the strongest woman I know. I know you will overcome this hurdle in life.  I love you. 

Happy Sunday Everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and are motivated and ready to get back into the swing of things tomorrow.  Before you doze off into a good night sleep I wanted to tell you a little bit about hair - the oh-so hot topic- and how I plan on helping all you beauties grow, sustain, and love it!

I just have a couple things I wanted to touch on before I get started. First;
YTTP Todays post is all about Natural and Healthy Skin Care.  As you all know by now I love my skin (our largest organ) and its protective properties - I mean how cool it is that it covers our whole body, and keeps us in tact!? Anyway.. -  I can just as easily distract myself in writing as I can in real life - I use all natural skin care products.  From everything to cleansing, moisturizing, and revitalizing it! So you will not be surprised when I tell you I started using Youth To The People.  This product is legit the b.o.m.b. So good, good for you, and it is made from KALE! Can you believe it?  Healthy Skin Care that I can basically eat, and wash my face with? Yea, I can!

Photo Credit: Des Iles Yoga Photography

It is summer you say?  Your hair is dry, brittle and damaged you say? But you're sick of spending money on products that do not work, and cost a fortune you say?

Well, what if I told you you could make something natural, and use ingredients right out of your kitchen cabinet and fridge?  Sorry, just double checking I heard that right? Did I hear a HELL YA? Yep, yep I did!


Photo Credit: Des Iles Photography

"Lip plumper? Am I reading this right? What? Maria, why?  You do not seem like the type that cares about lips, or plumping... whats going on?"

Well I will tell you what is going on! I am really sick of seeing really shitty for you products being sold on the market.  Do not get me wrong, I know that there are some that do not test on animals, or there are also one that do but they might cost a lot, and their not natural, and you need to buy one every month... So basically here is what happened.  I identified a trend in the market.  I acknowledge that that trend is not within my belief or moral circle. So I adapted it. People are going to do what they want anyway, which I am totally ok with, but I figured if I can offer you lot a good, healthy, natural alternative that this might help you all see how easy it is to make your own! Baby steps are good steps... they lead to movements!