One pot recipes are one of my favourites because they are so simple! And what if I told you that you can make a delicious nutty vegan stew, the ultimate comfort food, that's completely allergen free? Yes, you heard me correctly! This stew uses a plant based butter called SunButter that adds that nutty taste but doesn't use nuts to make this creamy product. SunButter is made with roasted sunflower seeds, grown in the United States.
BBQ season is here and one of the best parts about summer is being able to hit the grill and be outdoors while cooking up a storm. This super simple BBQ vegetable fritters recipe is perfect for your 4th of July BBQ, and it'll definitely please the vegan friends or family. Made with some of my favourite products by Bob's Red Mill, I think you're going to love it!
I wish we could grow pineapples in Canada so I could eat fresh pineapple all day every day. I recently went on a trip with Tahiti Tourism to the amazing French Polynesian Island. While I was there I had fresh pineapple that tasted like nothing I've ever had before. So to bring a little piece of Tahiti to Canada I created this grilled pineapple salsa.
When you live in a country where it is winter 8 months out of the year and then snows in the middle of July, going on a trip to somewhere warm and tropical is such a treat. I recently got invited by Tahiti Tourism to go on a cultural and culinary adventure and to say it was amazing is a huge understatement. Below is a quick travel guide with friends in mind as well as a taro root salad recipe inspired by a beautiful Tahitian woman spreading the plant-based philosophy.
Have you ever had those delicious little triangle bite-sized spinach pies your mom made for dinner parties? You know the ones, they look super fancy and you probably burnt the shit out of your mouth because you didn't wait for them to cool down. That was basically my childhood, me eating my mom's homemade spanakopita (Greek spinach and feta pies) straight out of the oven! Needless to say, I have a very high threshold for piping hot food. Also, needless to say, I have taken my love for my mother's spanakopita and put my Food By Maria vegan spin on it!
Backyard BBQ season is here, and I've got the perfect vegan pulled jackfruit BBQ burger with fennel slaw for you to share with family and friends. Pour yourself a big glass of ice cold lemonade and get ready to mix up the easiest burger filling no actual barbeque required!
Let me preface this post by saying this recipe is NOT meant to be made in a microwave. Gone are the days of instant ramen noodles, put down that styrofoam cup Linda! The ramen dishes you hear about today are beautifully crafted noodle bowls, filled to the brim with all the veggies and flavours of the world. As always, I've taken this trendy dish and put my FoodByMaria vegan stamp on it and let me tell you it's absolutely fabulous. It has all the components of traditional ramen; broth, toppings, and ramen noodles, but each component is prepared vegan style with no compromise on flavour.
I'd like to say Spring has sprung, but unfortunately for some of us in Canada, it's currently snowing outside! So to get in the Spring of things (see what I did there) I'm baking up some bright, fresh, and oh so delicious vegan desserts. Starting with this simple rustic vegan berry chocolate tart. It only takes 5 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to bake.
You've probably heard the saying "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." If you ask me, every meal is important and an opportunity to feed your body tasty and nutritious food. Whether you are eating plant-based, vegan, or whatever is on the menu, I think it's important to eat intentionally. Be aware of what you are putting in your body and why. So what did I make Andrew and myself for breakfast the other day, pancakes, and why did I make them? Because pancakes are so easy to make and fucking D-licious! Friends it shouldn't be that complicated.