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Hello all you beautiful souls, my name is Maria Koutsogiannis, and I am a healthy Greek Canadian fitness and food enthusiast. I am the food stylist, recipe creator, photographer and writer for FoodByMaria. I am a lover of organic whole foods, all things green and plant-based eating.  Most of my healthy recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and super simple!

about me

my story

My parents, Sotiris (Steve) & Metanthi Koutsogiannis, immigrated from Greece to this beautiful country over 40 years ago, not you Mom, I know ;). My mother has always had a way in the kitchen “simple cooking” as she calls it. Her skills are so unique, and her ability to turn 10 ingredients or less into a delicious meal still amazes me.  She taught me how to cook at a very young age and her techniques and love for food have stayed with me forever.
Inspired by family, I further expanded my already vast knowledge in food, healing and herbs. I started reading more books about health and how food affects you.  I soon learned that I needed to make big dietary changes, and that I could cure this on my own and wouldn’t need medicine. Discovering all the incredible information and knowledge out there made me want to share with my friends – whether they wanted to hear it or not!
 Shaped around the idea that every day we eat to feed, or to fight disease, FoodByMaria was born. I am proud to say that through food I have found a happier place in my mind and body, developed the fundamentals to a sustainable lifestyle and have overcome many challenges without the use of medicine.  I am a fitness enthusiast and certified Nutritional Consultant.
There’s plenty for you here at FoodByMaria. You’ll find healthy, nutritious and simple recipes including so-good-you-think-there-is-sugar desserts, colourful breakfasts, simplistic snacks and nutrient-rich dinners.
I share my experiences and insight, through storytelling and photography that I hope inspires you. And if you need help getting a head-start on new eating habits, I also offer flexible meal plans and detox cleanses that are sure to help you achieve your goals.

what to expect

my vision

FoodByMaria’s vision is to help people overcome their fear of food.  Together, we can shatter common food misconceptions and develop strong, healthy and responsible relationship with food. It won’t be easy, I know it was not for me, but little by little, and step by step we will succeed.
Together. As a team. If not for us – for our children.